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Hucleus... The Nucleus of Health and Human Services

Hucleus is a secure web based agency management, electronic health record and billing solution that allows users to focus on quality of service provision and client care instead of the myriad of compliancy and productivity issues that comes with human service industries. Our software was designed by health and human service providers to ensure a comprehensive and user friendly workflow. Hucleus is feature rich and possesses the customization and flexibility requirements to suit the needs of various enterprise and clinical applications.

Why Hucleus?


No industry has higher standards for security than healthcare. That's why Hucleus protects all data with the highest form of security possible to date: a bank-level encrypted 256-bit SSL connection. Hucleus' servers are housed in data

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centers that have a long history of housing some of the most critical applications for the US Department of Defense and other governmental agencies. The data centers feature 24/7/365 security guards, biometric security, redundant power supplies, and fire deterrent systems to ensure your data is secure. Hucleus servers use the highest quality firewalls and data back-ups, providing greater security than a typical office server.

Economic Benefits

Enjoy instant boosts in revenue while experiencing decreases in overhead expense simultaneously. Hucleus provides the assurance that only "clean claims" are billed, increasing fiscal confidence, while improving organizational

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compliancy. Hucleus virtually eliminates the stress of audits, reducing the time and expense associated with quality reviews of charts and the reconciliation of receivables. Hucleus is an extremely cost-effective solution, seamlessly allowing your enterprise to easily get up and running without making significant and costly investments such as dedicated servers, virtual private networks (VPN) or an IT department to maintain them.


Because Hucleus is secure and web-based, your charts are available to you anywhere that you have access to the internet. You gain the flexibility and convenience of real-time remote access to your charts and data. Additionally

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multiple office locations share the same application, use the same workflow, and write to the same databases just like they were in the same office, centralizing the operation and management of multiple locations. We also know that availability is essential therefore our infrastructure ensures that you can securely login to your records whenever you need them. We maintain 99.9% or better uptime and any upgrades that may require a few minutes of downtime are always scheduled to keep disruption to a minimum.


Improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff, enabling them to focus on client care and the quality of the services provided. Hucleus combines various check and balance protocols to ensure the accuracy and compliance of charting and billing

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such as alerting to notify staff of compliancy issues, validations to ensure only valid data is entered, and real time tracking of billing to increase revenue and authorization utilization.

Ease of Use

An agency cannot realize the benefits of utilizing an electronic records system, if the product is difficult to implement, to learn or to use. Hucleus was created with ease of use as our first priority. In less than 1 hour, the average user can get up

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and running without the need for extensive training sessions. Whenever additional assistance is needed, we have on-demand video training available anytime in our Training module, live training is also available and our in-house support team is easily assessed to provide your staff direct assistance along the way. Additionally, all the maintenance work is handled for you. Our expert in-house development team releases complimentary updates and upgrades with no hidden charges.

HIPAA Privacy

Hucleus meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements and we continuously monitor federal and state regulations to ensure your agency is aware of any changes. In addition to our extensive security measures, Hucleus also contains

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comprehensive access control features including customizable role based access rights, stringent user authentication and user inactivity locks. Additionally a real-time audit trail tracks every action within Hucleus. Through this live feed, you have complete visibility to the activity of every user of the system.

Environmentally Friendly

The world has become more environmentally conscious and companies are placing higher emphasis on being “green.? Implementing Hucleus allows an agency to not only save money but also become more eco-friendly simultaneously. Paper reduction is one of the easiest and most obvious places to start in promoting environmental consciousness. With Hucleus, your agency can reduce the need for paper charts or become completely paperless. This literally saves trees from being cut and reduces

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the amount of carbon emissions that are manufactured in paper production. Additionally the space needed to store charts and records significantly decreases which allows agencies to operate in smaller spaces and fewer brick and mortar locations; thus decreasing operating cost and heating / cooling bills while increasing resource management.